Monday, September 2, 2013

Acquisition Game #1: Hachi Pachi CoSiKi

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Getting the first day butterflies? Well, I am! Tomorrow is my first day with students and I am finally able to fully implement the Accelerative Integrative Methodology fully. Woohoo! So, of course, I must start my year off with a good AIM game! The original AIM game is called Hachi Pachi, but I have updated the game with a second level of active play. This new game is called Hachi Pachi CoSiKi. Here's my previous AIM journal entry about this fun name game:

This great AIM game got an update from my period 2 class who adores another similar game called CoSiKi. We combined the two into one. The person who's "Hachi Pachi" makes movements and changes to a new movement when the volunteer is not looking. Here's a video of the result.
Rules are given entirely in TL AND the game is to be played ENTIRELY in the TL (as with all AIM activities!)
I'll give steps here in English:
1. Volunteer A goes into hallway
2. Volunteer B is Hachi Pachi
3. Volunteer A comes in and has to figure out who Hachi Pachi is
4. Hachi Pachi's job is to be the leader of the group. The group follows his/her lead and makes the movements that change when Volunteer A is not looking. This portion of the game is from another game my students love called "CoSiKi" where students have to guess the chief of the group who makes the movements.
5. Volunteer A gets 3-5 tries (you choose and let them know in rules ahead of time how many guesses they get) to ask people "What's your name?" If the person answers "My name is____"(not Hachi Pachi) the entire class must stop motions (including Hachi Pachi) and say "Oh no, that's too bad! Where is Hachi Pachi?" Volunteer A keeps guessing (# of tries determined prior). If Volunteer A doesn't figure it out, you can have the entire class point to Hachi Pachi after the guesses are gone: When everyone says "Where is Hachi Pachi?" everyone points to him/her and say "Hachi Pachi is there!" When volunteer A guesses the real Hachi Pachi, everyone celebrates: That's fantastic! S/he is Hachi Pachi!
A thing to consider: You may want to require that Hachi Pachi must change movements every 15-20 seconds or can be hard for Volunteer A to guess if Hachi Pachi never changes motions. Also, if everyone is looking at Hachi Pachi, it'll be too obvious. The kids will figure this all out!
This game can be played (after the first time of getting to know the rules) in under 5 minutes...I sometimes play it on Friday's 5 minutes before the bell. It leaves them begging for more and sad when the bell rings! I always review all the rules because this gives them a chance to hear more comprehensible input and provides a reminder of how to play.
Have fun with this great name game and stay tuned for updates to this blog as I hope to find time to blog about future fun AIM games!

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