Sunday, October 13, 2013

C'est l'halloween

I just created this "C'est l'halloween" Symbaloo Here is the direct link.

I had so much fun making this. As I created it, I pulled from this amazing resource from +Sylvia Duckworth (Resources by theme). I also had fun trying out all the links with my own children. It was really interesting to see their reaction to some of the videos. For instance, my four-year-old son could not get enough of the "C'est l'halloween" song by Matt Maxwell. You can find all those links down the left hand side of the symbaloo. I also created a blubbr triv game for "C'est l'halloween. It's an interactive quiz that makes you listen more carefully to the lyrics. Find the interactive quiz here.

My children also really love the second row of resources which are mainly from +nathalie bonneau and LCF. I have learned that children of all ages enjoy Nathalie's animation website! Here it is...check it out! An all-time favorite from LCF's Babelzone is "La chanson des squelettes" that is wonderful for teaching verbs and the time! It is so awesome, that I created a blubbr game for this video, too! Check it out here.

Additionally, the third row is always a winner, as the kids adore Boowa and Kwala! You can read more about our adventures with them here. It seems that they simply cannot get enough of this one where they have to listen carefully and choose the proper ingredients to get the magic potion correct. I, personally, adore this song...I don't know why, but it's one of my all time favorite Halloween songs! If you'd like to hear that song while reading the lyrics, go here, and press on the little "P" to see "les paroles."

The kids got a kick out of "L'atelier des monstres". I was disappointed by the lack of audio, so what I did was narrate to the children what they were doing and I asked them questions as they were playing. Ex: "Qui veut choisir le nez/la bouche/les yeux/les oreilles maintenant?" They also really loved this eCard, but it is in English, so I narrated en français and told them what to click en français.

This was indeed a fun-filled project! Please send me any links you think I should add and I'd also love to hear your feedback! Merci beaucoup!

Le voilà:
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