Friday, August 30, 2013

Acquisition App #1---Tiny Tap

One thing I keep noticing over and over again about children's game apps is the lack of opportunities for language acquisition. Many of the apps my children prefer have little language audio, meaning there's music and sound effects, but very little narration. Often these same apps could have narration that would greatly increase children's' acquisition in first and second languages. Tiny Tap makes acquisition possible! You're in control! I can imagine all kinds of fun learning and creating with your children using Tiny Tap! You will surely help their language acquisition along the way!

This is my second post about the fun Tiny Tap app. I introduced it here just a week ago. I am choosing to write about it again because I have found it to be tremendously fun, easy and a unique app for language acquisition!

Here is how you start a new game or story:
First you create your slides which are the visuals you'll use
Next you add voice. This could be a story, introduction, etc.
Then if you are creating a game, you can add your questions, praise and encouragement for when the child answers incorrectly.
Save and share the link globally for all. You also have the option to submit your game for sale within the Tiny Tap app. This is the option I'll be using and I'm happy to report that my first game has been accepted for sale and is available here ($)! I am very thankful to +nathalie bonneau for giving me permission to use her images of her adorable Mimi the Mouse. To have some fun with Mimi in French, please check out Nathalie's amazingly engaging website here!

Here's a tutorial by Tiny Tap:

I decided to use Tiny Tap for English Language Learners first. Typically, I create resources in French and Spanish, however, this time, I wanted to start with English. I'm realizing that when I start from my native language, it is then easier to then translate into my second and third languages.

Why do I love Tiny Tap?
1. My kids LOVE it!
2. It is amazing for language acquisition
3. The basic app is free and then most games are either free or under $1
4. It allows you to create and publish globally within minutes
5. Kids could eventually learn to create their own games and publish them for their classmates, friends and families. The app is just that simple!!!
6. It allows you to feel like you are creating your own app. In fact I call it "an app within an app." For someone who is seriously interested in app creation, but has no clue where to start, this is the perfect app to feel some sense of accomplishment towards this goal! Yippeeeeeeee!

My first "app within an app" game created with Tiny Tap has been accepted by the Tiny Tap team for the market! It is available for sale ($0.99) by clicking here or by searching "Mimi the Mouse" in the Tiny Tap market. You first must download the free Tiny Tap app.

To create the videos below, I used my new "Reflector" app and this article on how to record via +Stephen Lai. Also special thanks to +Sylvia Duckworth for tweeting and telling me about the app!  It is awesome!!! The rest of the game (not seen below) includes increasingly more difficult levels.

I hope you have fun creating with Tiny Tap. I'd love to have your share your ideas and creations in the replies! It'd be great to see what unique ideas you come up with!!!

Happy Creating!!!!

P.S. I'd also love to hear about the apps you consider to be awesome for language acquisition!!!! (Preferably those that could be used in multiple languages) Thank you, merci, gracias!


  1. Soooooooo cool! Tell me when you're app is ready, I'll be anxious to buy it!

    1. Thanks, Sylvia! It's ready now! Here's the link:
      I'll tweet it to you, too, in case you don't see this reply.
      I cannot wait to make the same one in French/Spanish....but now with school starting, who knows when I'll find the's a big AIM year for me! :)