Friday, August 30, 2013

Acquisition App #2---VideoScribe

Very few apps will ever earn a title like this by the “Appy Family,” butVideoscribe by Sparkol has done it! This easy to use app has some amazing features that blow many other creation apps out of the water.  It creates professional-looking content in a matter of minutes! Here is a link to their website and here is a link to purchase the app.
I have my friend, Sylvia Duckworth, to thank for tweeting me this a few days ago (click tweet to view Sylvia’s animation):
Screen Shot 2013-08-11 at 8.56.50 PM
Some quick words of advice on how to get started:
1. Make sure your iOS software is up to date. At first mine wasn’t, and therefore I was unable to launch
2. Play around with the app just a little bit before you start anything serious
3. Watch the tutorials (Even if you’re like me and usually try to just figure it out without the tutorial…I did NOT watch them and wish I had as it would have saved me some time and trouble). Click here to view the tutorials. The first one should be enough to get you started.
4. Plan your video out from start to finish before starting with the app. Include your wording, layout and image ideas. Only when complete with planning, start creating with the app.
5. Plan to create the animation when you have a good chunk of quiet time. I was in a semi-public place and you can hear quite some background noise behind the music. Also, I ran out of alone time well before I wanted my time to be up…the app is ADDICTIVE!!!
6. FYI: When importing images, best to use .svg since those are will draw the best, but you can also try others like .jpg, .png, etc.
7. Have fun! This is going to be an extremely fun app to play around with!!!

Here’s my first videoscribe:

The downsides:

The audio recording feature is  one thing I’d like to see improved. What I don’t like about the built-in feature is that you cannot record small sections of audio as you go…it’s all at once (unless I’m missing something). I know that you can upload your own audio file that you create using another software, however.  I guess I am comparing it to Explain Everything a bit. I really like how with Explain Everythingyou can record small sections of audio that go along with your presentation as you’re creating it. To learn more about this other “Pure Genius” app, visit this blog post. It is possible, however, that I just haven’t learned enough of the advanced features yet…I’ll have to report back if I was mistaken on the above judgement!

Secondly, I was unsuccessful publishing to YouTube or Facebook directly from the app. It stated that it had published it, but it had not. I ended up saving it to my camera roll and then publishing it from there. Not a biggie, but weird that it didn’t work as it should.

Lastly, I’d like to see more images added to the free built-in library with future updates.
Despite these minor downsides, Videoscribe still earns the highest thumbs up ever and has made one very (h)Appy Family! I am VERY happy to report that this is our new favorite creation app!!! It is just too cool! :)

I simply cannot wait to see what creations will come of it and neither can my husband…he was quite impressed!!!

Thank you, +Sylvia Duckworth and thank you Videoscribe!!!!!


  1. I love your videoscribe! I tried this out too and I also like PowToon, which I think is pretty similar.

    1. Thank you!!! I have yet to try PowToon but know it is super cool....there's never enough time in the day!!! :)